Pre-sleep thoughts

School starts tomorrow and I am avoiding sleep because if I do, my next moment of consciousness will be a school day.

The great thing about being a student in university is that my hours are very flexible and few. However, after five weeks of bumming around not using my academic brain much, the thought of going back to school kinda stinks.

This weekend has been a rollercoaster and for the first weekend of the year (post new year season) I have not kept any resolutions unsurprisingly.

Cheer practice leaves me in all sorts of aches, right to the tips of my fingers. Despite the fact that I really want to stretch more and do yoga, most of the time, my ass is whooped from being an old hag with back aches. That could just be lazy Su dishing out excuses. At this point, I don’t really know. All I know is that I’ve been overeating over the weekend and that will stop and must stop immediately.

Sometimes I forget that my body ages too and my metabolism is doing as I age. My patience wears thinner, and my body wears quicker.

I’ve been baking with E this weekend and it seems we have successfully made something that appealed to everyone who ate it. I should write about that more next time.

For now, I’ll make more art, read more and work out more.



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