Yoga? : Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but from observation, people who love HIIT workouts (like yours truly) often have trouble with the stillness that yoga practice involves. I’ve heard of runners’ yoga, cyclists’ yoga. I’m neither because I am horrible at both – I once forgot how to cycle, yes, it is possible. I accomplished that unfortunately. I wish I was good at all three – running, cycling and yoga. Ugh, running. Thinking about it makes me cringe. If only I would wake up one day and decided I love running. But I digress (again and the reason why I am not a yogi).1912000_10152069514637879_1078170857_oThis is the closest I get to yoga: I need a setting, a tranquil river and nature in a quiet Zion National Park. I’m not even in yoga pants for that matter – those are running tights. Simply put, I just do not have the discipline for yoga, nor does my heart want to be still for extended periods of time. I’m easily distracted, fidgety and always thinking about something. So I have trouble ‘focusing on my breath’. Do you know what that means? ‘Cuz I don’t.

Also, am I a total loser for saying that I can’t tell one asana from the next? The only yoga classes I have taken were in California, and they all were so fluent in yogi language that all I heard was something-something-asana. Or maybe I’m just slow to comprehend? I’m a yoga failure.

It doesn’t help that yoga classes in Singapore are craaazy expensive. A poor student like me is not gonna be able to afford that. At all. Nevertheless, the few times I did manage to engage my mind during yoga class (trust me, the really few times I didn’t become bored) I really enjoyed how my energy levels went up for the day and how happy I was. When I took barre class, I particularly enjoyed the yoga-like experience it gave me too. So I’m really ambivalent about yoga practice now.

As a November resolve, I will begin regular yoga practice. Not only is it a reason for me to use my otherwise obsolete yoga clothes I bought, I really feel like my busy schedule can use at least a fifteen-minute daily morning yoga routine. I tried to ask E to do it with me. He gets bored easily too. But during the weekends we always try out new workouts and I might reintroduce yoga to him again. (Fingers crossed)

Let’s hope I can muster enough discipline to do more than that corpse pose. Namaste. To being a future yogi.


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