Food: Cream Pasta + Arbite

The other day I was walking back from a class with Nipton and he was telling me he’d never buy cream pasta in a restaurant again because he’s been cooking and realised how awesome and easy cream pasta is to cook.

I don’t know my Alfredo from my Carbonara because I’m not really a pasta-ordering person myself. But I tried cooking it last weekend with E.

I used:

1 box (350ml of whipping cream)
Parmesan Cheese (Nipton insists that the more expensive chunks are way superior to the ready-grated ones and I agree)
Salmon (200g) cut into small bite-sizes
Chicken (200g) seasoned with soy sauce, thyme and black pepper and cut into small pieces to your preference
Prawns (20) halve or third the prawns into comfortable eating sizes
White button mushrooms (100g)
1 garlic (sorry, cloves? what are cloves. more garlic = better)
half a white onion
Spaghetti (400 grams fed 6 people, I tried to look for linguine but it wasn’t meant to be)
Parsley for garnish and light seasoning
Cherry tomatoes for garnish

Yeah, we practically cooked for an entire village.

1. Add a knob of butter into a hot deep pan and coat the pan with melted butter. Smell that butter. It’s so good. Now add diced garlic and onions in.

2. Start cooking the pasta by boiling water and adding the pasta in when water is boiled. I like to salt my water too. Cook until the pasta is al dente. You have to use your mouth to test its texture, otherwise, you’ll never know. After it’s done, sieve the pasta and run it under cold water so it remains that texture and doesn’t cook from the residual heat.

3. If the smell of butter and onions gets better: great, you’re on track but don’t be tempted to eat that yet. Add chicken and remove the chicken from heat once fully cooked.

4. Add cream into the pan. and let it simmer. Then add the prawns, and mushrooms. Add salmon after mushrooms start to cook and finally add the chicken.

5. Grate the parmesan over the simmering delight of cream gravy. Add as much as your heart desires. This is the most fun part and it makes me happy watching the flakes of cheese fall and melt into the pan. Mix the cheese in.

6. To serve, ladle the ingredient-laden gravy onto your spaghetti and garnish with halved cherry tomatoes and parsley.


There you have it: I told you it was filled with chunks of meat.

Last weekend, we also finally sat ourselves down for brunch. I love brunch: because it means that I can eat for two meals and because it means that it’s a weekend.

We headed down to Arbite at Serangoon Gardens.
In a very typical manner, we over-ordered. (Glutton alert) This happens when we order on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, it is inevitable because we almost always have empty stomachs when we order food.

We ordered fries with (supposedly) buah keluak dip. I LOVE buah keluak, like, to the ends of the earth. It’s a nut typically used in Peranakan dishes. (If you haven’t tried it, please stop depriving yourself and get them in your tummy!)


The fries were seasoned superbly and they were all good on their own. Chompchompchomp. The dip was not what I was expected it to be though. It was still very much like slightly salty and sour mayonnaise. Maybe I should have ordered the truffle fries…(it’s the chocolate ice cream of fries, you never go wrong friends). The fries were good on their own anyway so whatevs, I gobbled them up, until my mains came: Duck and Eggs. I was torn between the Salmon Eggs Florentine and this, but it felt like a duck day, so, duck it was.

I wish I knew how to poach eggs like them. They were perfectly dome-shaped and the yolk just oozed out with yellow happiness. Happiness. The best part about eating a sunny-side up is breaking the yolk and gobbling it up. Slurpz.

wpid-wp-1413453576749.jpegMy very handsome date attacking a fry.

wpid-wp-1413453576745.jpegWe also ordered a milkshake. We. are. officially. pigs.wpid-wp-1413453576748.jpeg

We couldn’t finish the fries in the end and you know what, I wish I still have some now because I’m hungry. There are so many things that I wanted to try there but couldn’t. Like the gula melaka tiramisu. Two of my favourite foods. In one dessert. Say it isn’t so. I guess that means I’ll have to go back to try them! 🙂

This weekend we’ll cook more and hopefully I can make a Halloween costume too. I’m psyched.



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  1. Melaka Weekend – live/love/Su

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