Food: Mushroom Risotto

This happened last weekend with the brownies: a fantastic full weekend of cooking. Like, full. My tummy was full. We cooked mushroom risotto with a recipe adapted from here. We didn’t completely follow it because we had to have meat in our risotto and we decided to cook it the traditional way. First things first, we used chicken stock from cubes because we are lazy bums. The base of the risotto was made with garlic, white onion, and extra mushrooms from the previous dish, the hoisin chicken wraps. We added a while lot of arborio rice, which is so hard to find in Singapore. We got our box of rice from Fair Price Finest. Then we added chicken stock slowly and mixed it in until it was fully absorbed. I guess the Italians really take pride in their food. Making risotto is such a labor of love. My favorite part is watching the rice puff up and be ultra starchy. (We didn’t wash the rice prior to cooking because we didn’t want to wash away starch!) Cooking with E is always really enjoyable because we get to add in our own ideas and his ideas are wacky as heck sometimes. He is also ultra persistent and persevering so when we fail in always encouraged by his positivity to carry on cooking. What an awesome kitchen partner. But I digress again. We added blitzed mushrooms into the mixture and some cream to make it… Uhm. Creamy. Cooked some chicken and shredded it, baked some Parmesan chips, et voila!


Served in a huge cup!


E loves risotto. Anything creamy and cheesy. Mmmmm. He made the awesome Parmesan chips and they were such a beautiful touch to the dish, and I love cheese. Much less baked cheese chips.

Happy eating.

What should we do next weekend?



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