Food: Hoisin Chicken Wraps

I love wraps. E loves the end of wraps where all the wrap carbs are gathered so he can bite into bread-like density. I was in the grocery store earlier than E because he was at work and I was hungry so I decided to search for food to cook. Something healthy, since I was going to feed him super sinful brownies. He loves wraps, and wraps are easy. So I adapted a recipe off here.


Chicken – we marinated with Hoisin and some seasoning before grilling them
Tortilla wraps (found in the bread section at the grocery store after I searched up and down the frozen section)
Cucumber – E hates raw stuff so he opted out of cucumber wraps. Needless to say, it was almost full-meat wrapping for him.


The best thing about wraps is that you don’t really have to care about measurements. You just wrap what you like and eat what you wrap. I like extra raw garlic in mine and extra corn and extra meat… as long as my wrap is bursting with stuff that isn’t bitter gourd or celery, I’m all good. E likes his wrap extra crispy so we heated them for longer.



Slurps! I think the recommended serving was something like 2 wraps per person. Heck, we ate around 4 each.



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