Baking with E: eclairs

Baking is so therapeutic. It lifts your spirits and pampers your nose. The smell of butter or vanilla is so pleasurable and it really makes me motivated to keep on baking. I have been watching Sorted Food for quite a while but I never really had anywhere to bake. Thankfully, E’s place is wonderfully stocked with all the necessary baking equipment and then some.



One of his favorite desserts are eclairs. He loves cheesecakes too, but the last time I made a dessert, it was an oreo cheesecake for his mock birthday. So in this couple of weeks, we’ve been trying our hand at choux pastry and crème patisserie. Since it is also durian season. We thought of making some durian puffs too! The recipe can be found here. I love watching Sorted Food on YouTube because these four boys are super hilarious and charming all while being incredibly informative. This recipe took so many eggs. We took Ben’s advice and froze the egg whites for later use. We’re planning to make macarons or maybe mousse. I haven’t decided.



Honestly we haven’t gotten the pastry perfect. The last batch we did turned out better than the rest though. My favorite part of the process is watching the pastry rising in the oven. And eating the ginger-infused cream. Slurp.

image If anyone knows how to make real awesome choux pastry please let me know what the secret is. Because my pastry never seems fluffy enough. image

To get the consistency of the batter right I found that maintaining a high enough temperature was important. And we had to reduce the amount of ginger in the cream. I always like extra ginger, but some have a problem with that. I guess baking is like everything else, with time and practice, it will improve and develop closer to perfection. It really cultivates the virtue of patience and my biceps with all that beating haha. Also, we used Lindt Dark Chocolate as the cherry on top. So it all turned out very awesome. (Save for the breadiness!) 


Melting the chocolate was the easiest part and it was so satisfying to see chocolate chunks melt into a gooey consistency. Learning to pipe the pastry was tough because I had no idea how to make the eclairs come out fat and happy. In the end, it took some pressure and patience to get eclairs that didn’t look like bread sticks. Look at the awesome creammmmm. Slurpz. And and and lesson of the day: if you buy Buttercup brand from the dairy section or butter section in the grocery stores. Please stop. It isn’t butter at all. Seriously. I was duped for 20 years of my life. It is made with vegetable extracts (which means it is NEVER good for you, read: trans fat). I don’t know about you but I like my butter from milk. This applies to spreadable butter (never).

image Till our next baked adventure or whenever I am not so bogged down by my schedule.



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