See you later, San Francisco

I had an impromptu final aerial class today. And then I realized, this is it. This is what saying goodbye is. Everything I love and hate about living here is coming to an end. It’s my last week living in San Francisco.

I’m glad to be leaving the summer flies, my matchbox apartment, the completely erratic public transport system and the even more erratic weather.

But as I write this I look out of the window of the bus and I see a dense and thick fog rolling just under Sutro Tower. The majesty of that fog as it creates a new horizon is indelible. I’m not going to see that fog in a long long time. There are so many things I will miss: the creative and crazy people here, the fresh and delicious produce, the beautiful architecture, the random parks around the city, the colors of the city, the diversity and everything charming about San Francisco. (Not to mention those amazingly fresh oysters!) 

On one hand this is the longest and furthest I have been away from home, and I can’t wait to go back and on the other hand I think I’ve fallen in love with this city and it’s hard to leave.

My last class w Lauralynn :(

My last class w Lauralynn

My awesome instructor Lauralynn has pink hair and an amazing smile. I really will miss taking her classes. She’s super encouraging and manages to make me smile even though every time I am on the silks, pole or trapeze I am dying and my muscles are begging me to let go. She’s amazing.

For now I will try to soak all of it in until I leave on Saturday for the airport. 




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