The Six-Pack Challenge

Working on that.

I have completely no idea how this challenge came to be. We were probably Skyping and a casual comment was made and the competitive being in E just jumped at the challenge. There we have, the  Six-Pack Challenge. If you were expecting it to be something to do with craft beer, it isn’t. We are challenging each other to get 6 lumps on our torsos. 

Rules of the Challenge:

Before we agreed to enter the challenge, we had to draw the lines clearly: the definition of a six-pack is an active six-pack. This means that the six-pack only has to show was the abs are engaged. Because the thought of having a thoroughly defined six-pack without actively engaging my core is kinda terrifying. Maybe this is just my imagination? Other than that, no rules and whoever gets a six-pack first wins. Loser gives a massage (I mean duh, I worked hard to get that six-pack right?!) and cooks a meal for the winner me. Ha. Because I am going to win this guys. I am going to get that massage. I know that because E just told me he ate a cookie for breakfast. Ha!

Okay, I have to admit, I totally ate a ton of chocolate this past week. What? I had cravings, it’s legit. I’m don’t deal well with deprivation. Even though sometimes stopping at one bar of chocolate can feel like I am depriving myself. Especially when there’s See’s Candies near where I work. It’s See’s Candies, people. How can I not partake in that delicious slice of heaven?! Plus it’s my second-to-last week in California, so I have to eat what I can. If I could, I would buy every single 1-pound pack they had and gobble them up. SO GOOD.

Remember the John Legend song All of Me? He said ‘even when I’m losing, I’m winning’. That’s going to be E’s mantra after he loses to me. Aww yeah. Wish me luck! (All the barre and aerial classes won’t be for nothing!)

We challenge you! 6-pack challenge let’s go!



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