The Mission, Packing and Ambivalence

Don't you just love the architecture?

Don’t you just love the architecture?

It’s my 2nd last full weekend in San Francisco!

It’s my 2nd last Sunday in San Francisco.

I really am confused as to how to feel about this. The homesick part of me wants to just go back home to a house bigger than a matchbox, a diverse array of hawker food and just seeing everyone I know and being able to talk to them and see them. I said see twice because physically seeing someone is really different from a virtual presence.

Like every weekend, I head to the Mission. It’s one of my favorite places in SF because it is so lively, colorful and inspiring. The essence of San Francisco can be captured in the Mission: diversity, art, architecture, entrepreneurial spirit and warmth. Also, food. I really fall in love with the city more with every weekend.

I go there every weekend because they have fresh and cheap grocery there. My favorite grocer is there: he has good prices and sweet golden apples. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat normal red apples after this. Golden apples are to regular apples what the Macbook Air is to other laptops. Once you have it, you won’t go back to regular old apples.


Preach it, bruh.

The Mission is home to Clarion Alley, a community mural project. And I think it’s pretty damn fantastic. It isn’t as if San Francisco wasn’t colorful enough, but this alley just makes everything more rainbow-like. It isn’t a very large mural project, but the art on the walls are all symbolic and expressive.


How amazing is this?! I wish I could paint like that. I was pretty caught up in the alley, looking at all the art.

wpid-2014-07-19-08.12.07-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2014-07-19-07.11.45-1.jpg.jpeg

Sigh everything I will miss about SF is in the Mission. Other than Dolores Park. I should probably go again next weekend when the weather is better than the gloom status it is at now. So the main purpose I was at the Mission was to window shop. I say window because I know that I have close to no space in my luggage bags. Inhale and exhale ohmmmm. I want to buy everything in the shops here. A bicycle, a couch, a tea set, a silk-screened masterpiece and a pastel dresser. I ended up just buying fruits and some honey. The shops in the Mission are not crazy expensive like in Hayes. They are more accessible and makes me feel like actual people can afford stuff there. In Hayes, it’s just boutique after boutique after brunch place. That’s where I live. A poor student in the lunch ladies’ ‘hood.

Also, so many people make and sell art here. It’s amazing. I love imagining myself buying the art and hanging them on my imaginary walls, while drinking from my imaginary tea china and cleaning my imaginary pastel bike.

So I spent a lot of time window shopping, and when I did buy anything, they were like small items. (Kill me, I totally understand how small items add up and make my life miserable) I didn’t learn my lesson the previous time I had to move from Berkeley to San Francisco. Obviously.

I managed to squeeze (by a miracle) my sewing machine into my adventure backpack and cushion it with clothing. Now I am really hoping that the backpack doesn’t burst. Fortunately, I trust the quality of the backpack, it’s been with me through many miles of walking, 4WDs, night buses, cold, snow. (Reminder to self: need to blog about the great South American trip)

For now, the weather is telling me either to eat or sleep. Oink




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