Moraga Steps | Grandview Park


Every day I am in the city I fall in love a little bit more. Even though I was kinda caught up with peanut butter yesterday (news: I finished the jar today, dilemma over whether I should buy another jar sets in) and snacked on 4 slices of peanut butter bread today alone, today I headed out to the Inner Sunset district after barre class to see the Moraga staircase or 16th Avenue Tiled Steps.

This reminds me, one year ago, I was at the Escadaria Selarón in Rio de Janeiro. How apt that one year later I’d be here at the steps inspired by the exact same place. Of course, the one is Rio is more majestic and in a much greater scale than the Moraga stairs. But I really appreciated how understated it was. Like it was a frame or an underscore to Grandview Park.


Grand view indeed.

I convinced myself that the mini hike to the foot of the steps was already worth 2 slices of bread with peanut butter. And climbing up the stairs was worth another 2. Therefore, my peanut butter snacks are completely justified. I am good at math like that.

The stairs are so delicately pretty. I was hesitant about going on a gloomy day, but since I was out of the house, I went ahead anyway. I was also hoping that the gloom would mean that I wouldn’t have to hustle with many people on the steps. True enough, there wasn’t a hustle, but there was a healthy crowd there. I like that people add life and activity to the steps.

I couldn’t decide which flight of stairs was my favorite of the lot. It was a tie between the blue one and the moon one.



I could be biased because I love blue. It is my secret favorite color. (That’s Su language and it means that it is subconsciously my favorite color and I only noticed it after analyzing my wardrobe and concluded that most of my clothes are in fact, a certain shade of blue.) But don’t you love the birds on the stairs? I’m always mesmerized by mosaic. One of the flights has tiny mirrors tiles that reflect little bits of what’s behind me – the city and the Pacific Ocean.


And the next photo I just chanced upon while walking in the estate. I just love the layers of green in the frame. I wonder if the owner of the van bought it to match his house.


Green on green on green


That’s a slice of San Francisco for today!

x x x


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