A Love Letter to Peanut Butter

Dearest Peanut Butter,

After Kaya was gone, all I thought about was you. I love how your creamy richness fills my tastebuds with sweet satisfaction. I find myself having constant cravings for you even though I’m full from dinner. I should have never cheated on you for dinner. What is dinner compared to the creamy delight that you are? Sometimes I like you creamy and sometimes I like you crunchy, all versions of you are just as amazing and wholesome. I know how people complain about your fat content, I want you to know that that does not matter a single bit to me. I love you that your fats keep my tummy satisfied and my brain aware that I have eaten more than I should. I love it when you are spread on bread alone, or with jam. I love you more than Nutella, because Nutella is just fake chocolate pretending to replace actual chocolate. I love that you are unpretentious and unassuming and that everyone can eat you (except people with peanut allergies, I feel so sorry for you). 

Please never change or run out. You are the best spread in my kitchen now.

Lots of love,



One thought on “A Love Letter to Peanut Butter

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