Snapback Makeover

My loverman E has been really into the whole snapback trend now. I don’t know if I like/dislike it, but it doesn’t really matter because he is busy trying to be all swagilicious and he’s happy wearing boxes on his head. Wait I don’t get it, his hair is pretty much perfect almost all the time, why does he need a hat!? Apologies, I don’t think it qualifies as a hat. Hats are awesome, snapbacks are…uhm, weirdly shaped. Come on! Who has a square head?! I am thinking this is one of the phases he has that you look back at your photos in the future and go, ‘what was I thinking?!’. Hahahaha. I’m all for baseball caps because they are round and more organic-and-natural-looking, but snapbacks are just odd to me. Last night E just told me snapbacks are meant to be worn back to front, thus the name ‘snapback’. It just gets stranger every time. Or am I just outdated?

Nevertheless, I’m always one for odd collections, and so, even though I think it is completely a weird piece of headgear, I did something to add to his collection. E asked me to look out for cool snapbacks while I’m still in the US of A. (Side note: I only have five short weeks left, I’m kinda sad. 😦 ) So I did. NOT. There are no cool snapbacks to be found. Come on, the words ‘cool’ and ‘snapback’ don’t belong in the same sentence side by side… unless they come with dinosaurs.


You start with not-so-raw materials

Total craft time: 15 minutes
Sourcing time: from insant to hella long
Materials used: (ugly) Snapback, some toy dinosaurs, and the holy grail of craft – either E6000 or a hot glue gun.

I read that toy dinosaurs can be found in dollar stores, but I searched every dollar store and none were found, so I bought them off Amazon. Gotta love Amazon. I’m obsessed with dinosaurs. In fact, my first soft toy from E was a dinosaur named Bret:

wpid-cymera_20140629_112501.jpgIsn’t he the cutest? Complete with pink ribbon. Haha. Okay, stop digressing. I think toy dinosaurs add that element of wonkiness and badass-ery into the mix. How badass is a T-Rex? Yeah, thought so. This is the final product, a Jurassic snapback (historical accuracy not included):


Your very own dino-snapback. You’re welcome.

I resisted the urge to put a fabulous pink dinosaur in the middle and kept it to a color palette, I mean, I know it’s Pride weekend, but I don’t really want a rainbow snapback forever, plus the underside of the cap is green, so I stuck to cool colors. I spent some time arranging the dinosaurs, and it’s weird that the carnivores and on the same hat as the herbivores, but, in the spirit of peace and love, I made the assumption they are all friends, like in The Land Before Time. If you haven’t watched that cartoon series, do it, it is the cutest cartoon ever. That could be my obsession with dinosaurs speaking though. Top tip: please just remove the offending silver sticker. It doesn’t make anything cooler, it just looks like you’re unsure if you’d want to return the hat at a later date. //filed under: thingsIwillneverunderstand// What is the sticker for anyway, ideas anyone? I think it will totally bump up E’s street cred. Because who wouldn’t want a dinosaur snapback am I right or am I right. If he doesn’t like it, then… I guess I will have to wear it… because damn, I think it’s pretty cool. I’m totally liking the idea of snapbacks now (did I just?):

Got my swag on

Got my swag on, rawr!

I’ll be working on another one soon! Because I found it unfair that E gets to wear this very cool and awesome cap. You’re welcome E (I love you even though you think snapbacks are super cool). I think I can file snapbacks under love/hate now.

❤ Su the gluer.



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