What to Expect in a Long Distance Relationship

O.m.g. I can’t believe I am saying this but my ultra-long long distance relationship is finally moving on with its life and becoming a shorter-than-30-mile relationship. I know! It’s so surreal and I can’t wrap my head around it. A little background: E and I have been together for 28 months, and out of which we kinda clocked 20 months of being in a long distance relationship. No, not the east coast west coast kinda long distance relationship. More like Singapore and Americas kind of long-distance relationship. 9000 miles apart for 20 months is quite crazy. What is normal now? Whoaaaa.

So to wrap this LDR stage up, I have come up with a rough (but still amazing) guide on winning the LDR. Fear no distance my friends. This is what I came up with:

 The Completely Clueless Couple’s Guide to Winning an LDR (a primer)

Things I’ve learnt being in an ultra-long long distance relationship: (did I mention long?)

1) It’s gna be tough and it requires effort.
This is me being blatantly obvious, but I’m just gna bring the reality of it to you, just in case you’re gna be delusional. But don’t worry, it’ll help if you look out for part II of the guide (coming soon).

2) You’ll be envious of other couples you see.
You will be overcome with nostalgia, you will just wish your bunny was there with you. This feeling intensifies when you see couples on the streets, on Facebook, and in movies. I’m not even kidding. Okay, I may be exaggerating because I’m sentimental and highly emotional sometimes, but I believe this applies to every one. It’s like when you’re a Singaporean overseas and you see people eating yummy Singaporean food on Instagram. Can you say cravings? Damn you, social media.

3) Skype everyday? Good luck.
Yeah, you wish. No one is gna have time for that. You can try, good luck.

4) A lot of ‘me’ time.
Hey, that works, right? Take advantage of this, because I’m pretty sure when you reunite, you’ll never want to let your significant other have ‘me’ time. Haha, okay exaggeration, but seriously. I’ve read something like you have all the freedom of being single and all of the commitment of being in a relationship at the same time. Don’t let it tear you up. You wanted space in your relationship? Here, take the whole milky way.

5) You say good morning when it’s midnight.
Okay, you caught me, I totally quoted Jet Lag (did you know they had a French version of this song?!). It’s true, and the time difference stinks. Truly. Sad face.

6) Time is your best friend and #1 annoyance.
Ugh when will this ldr be over? Thankfully I haven’t felt like that excessively. Occasionally I just take a moment and be thankful that whatever it is, at least there’s an expiry date on the distance. The best thing about waiting, is that time is always passing. No matter how bad your day is, or how mundane your life is without your bunny (let’s hope it doesn’t get there), time is still passing! It’s a definite thing (let’s not get philosophical here…) so each second passed is a second closer to your reunion. Yay?

7) You start imagining what your reunion will be like.
Haha, is this just me?! It’s actually fun, but I have to remind myself that I don’t live in a movie, so it’s probably all gna be really toned down from my wild imagination of us running from opposite ends of a sunflower field in slow motion.

8) You make lots of lists
Lists about what you’ll eat together, what you’ll do together, what you’ll watch together, what you’ll cook together, etc. Just me? Okay, fine.

9) Poor internet connection is the bane of your life and webcams are the bomb.
Urgh, hate my Skype calls dropping halfway in, my texts not getting through, my phone not responding. Uhm, yeah the last one only applies to my very ancient dinosaur phone.
Webcams: Nothing beats seeing your bunny on your screen after talking to a bunch of words on a screen for the whole week. Finally the face you love is there in its grainy glory. I had to get E a webcam because for some reason he doesn’t have one at home. No grains for me, it’s an HD. Take that! Still have no cure for poor internet connection and intermittent service. #suchislife

10) You actually get used to it.
For realz. I really got the hang of living far far away, and it has just become a routine now. As I was saying, what is normal? I don’t even know. Despite getting used to it, I definitely don’t want this to go on in perpetuity. So, please. It’s 6 more weeks for me.

Those are 10 things I learnt. I’m in the midst of writing another post about dealing with it because E has said he’s been asked about it. For now, take this primer, it has been fun to briefly evaluate what an ldr encompasses. Although I’ve been living in one for so very long, I’ve never really thought about it until now.

Watch this space for the actual long long guide some time this week or next!

❤ Su.



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