Cook Off 4: New Contestant

This week has been a very eventful week for us in San Francisco: the Union City Sparkles gifted some rice cooking wine and so suddenly everything from my skillet becomes extra fragrant. Every overseas Singaporean kitchen needs 1) Rice cooking wine, 2) Oyster sauce 3) Soy sauce and 4) Hoisin sauce. My ultimate cooking essentials. Bonus: Sesame oil. If you want to replicate the amazing scent and taste from your grandmother’s or mother’s kitchen, those are your go-to spices. I also especially love fermented soy beans. I know their name sounds disgusting, but the flavor they give to steamed fish is anything but. To each week of experimenting, improving, and not overcooking your vegetables (my mum always made me take special care to avoid that), MAKAN.

1. Hayward Hotplate (Hwee Ping, Guyue and Muba) Before you see the photos, I have to say I was super impressed by their effort and dishes. Seriously, the names of their food are so drool-worthy.


Avocado Souffle


Their version of Ferrero Rocher





Seriously. I want to eat those now. 2. Texan MASH wpid-img-20140619-wa0002.jpg wpid-img-20140619-wa0007.jpg3.  LA Ladles wpid-img-20140619-wa0003.jpg wpid-img-20140619-wa0004.jpg wpid-img-20140619-wa0005.jpg wpid-img-20140619-wa0006.jpg4. Sunnyvale Spoons wpid-img-20140620-wa0000.jpg 5. Union City Sparkles wpid-img-20140623-wa0001.jpg 6. San Francisco Souffles wpid-cymera_20140619_193937.jpg wpid-cymera_20140619_194042.jpg Just look at how delicious and nutritious our food is. 7. Mr Seah We have a new contestant this week! It’s my very own chubby bunny! Hahaha we cook together quite a bit (uhm…in the time we are actually in the same country) and he’s never made bad food. (He makes the best scrambled eggs ever. This isn’t an exaggeration.) wpid-img_eevann_6.png wpid-img_eevann_4.png wpid-img_eevann_5.png wpid-img_eevann_7.pngI think it’s safe to say I won’t be hungry when I go back to Singapore! ❤


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