Of Alcatraz & Cookies


Ah, I’ll never be sick of San Francisco. Yesterday I did the most touristy thing: a trip to Alcatraz. And I am glad I did. The tickets are booked way in advanced. The next available date is July 1st. So good luck to anyone trying to get tickets. The entire island provided amazing views of everything: the skyline and the sunset. The prison itself is depressing and gloomy, but very intriguing. The entire ambience of the prison was severely diluted because of the crowd. I mean, whatever the audio tour was trying to create, be they loud fighting noises or sea sounds, the crowd kinda ruined it. But oh well, at least I wasn’t scared because there were so many people around me. Haha. Yeah, I’m tough like that!

The purpose of this post is actually to talk about:


My most favorite (hey, I know there isn’t such a phrase, but emphasis is necessary here) biscuit/cookie is the whole wide world! Lotus Biscoff Speculoos! Oh.My.God. I LOVE THESE. These are the best. One is never enough, and if I could eat the whole packet of 32 guiltlessly, I would. Seriously. They have the right amount of caramelized taste, and nutty flavor. The perfect crunch without being too hard. And when they are soaked in Milo, heaven is a place on earth.

I have to try to make these myself. When I get my hands on an oven, in Singapore with E. ‘Cause he’s such a supportive guinea pig and co-chef in the Suvann kitchen. (omg, did I just publish our own cheesy couple label? yes I did.) I can’t emphasize how much this amazing biscuit is. I jut checked out their website, and they well them by 320-piece packages. Whuuttttt. So tempting, I could probably finish it all in a month. But no. Self-control. Ohmmmm. I wna say that I have a love/hate relationship with it, but I don’t. Because I love them too much. They contain too much awesome to be hated upon. Sigh.

I want to swim in an ocean of Biscoff, with milo. I shall have that for breakfast tomorrow. And the next day, and the day after that, and maybe for supper too. So addicted.

❤ Cookie monster Su.




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