Cook-off 3

Congratulations Sunnyvale Spoons for winning week 2’s cook-off. Every week Xiuhan and I try to think of better food to cook for ourselves. &The process has been enriching to say the least. I’m pretty sure we’re getting better at cooking, slowly but surely! I find myself thinking about what I am going to be cooking in the evening a lot. One of the most frequent questions I ask Xiuhan is ‘What should we eat?‘. So, here are this weeks’ dishes for your ogling.

1. Texan Mash

wpid-img-20140611-wa0014.jpg wpid-img-20140611-wa0012.jpg wpid-img-20140611-wa0013.jpg

Photos by Sheila

Every week they manage to cook enough food for a village.

2. LA Ladles

wpid-img-20140612-wa0002.jpg wpid-img-20140612-wa0001.jpg

Photos by Ang Hui.

Can we please take a moment to admire that strawberry coulis?

3. Union City Sparkleswpid-img-20140614-wa0001.jpg wpid-img-20140614-wa0002.jpg wpid-img-20140613-wa0000.jpgPhotos by Iris.

How to tempt Singaporean abroad: add chilli padi.

4. Sunnyvale Spoons


Photo by Nitya.

Plating 101: Garnish, always.

5. Hayward Hotplate


6. San Francisco Souffles (that’s us!)

wpid-cymera_20140612_224136.jpg wpid-cymera_20140612_224529.jpg

Yeah, I know. Looks so awesome and wholesome.

Continue polling everyone! We should have the winner of ten weeks cook something for us when we get reunited in Singapore.

❤ Chef Su!


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