Barre Classes: They Hurt So Good

wpid-cymera_20140607_232506.jpgFirst things first: I’m loving loving loving my Nike Studio Wraps I am so tempted to buy them in different colours. I didn’t buy the more expensive 3-piece set, because I didn’t think the sash was justified to make the entire shoe cost 100% more. That’s the engineer mind in me talking. (it’s called the principle of thrift) I had such a hard time deciding on the color/colour. Ugh I don’t know anymore. (side note: having been educated in British spelling, living in America makes the OCD in me die every single time I have to change realise to realize and -our to -or. The text editor totally just underlined realise in red. And again. Eyesore!) I picked pink in the end because that’s typical of me, and because it would then match my current pair of Nike trainers. I’m sorry Asics, I know people vouch for your quality and technology. But Nike just wins you in terms of aesthetics. All. the. time. That’s why I only buy Nike basketball shoes for E too. They make the least ugly basketball shoes. Adidas…please get your act together.

So, back to the barre. What is it, anyway? (You can Google that, but in essence:) Barre is a relatively new trend in fitness, which is supposedly inspired by moves from Pilates, yoga and ballet. It is really huge in California and hopefully more studios in Singapore pick it up when I get back so I can continue this awesome practice.

I have just begun attending barre classes this week! I’m taking lessons at The Dailey Method near my workplace and I love it. The whole ambience is very relaxed, with a cork-ish (?) floor in the studio and a lime colour scheme. (squiggly line alert) The studio smells refreshing and floral without being overpowering. It rather smells like a tea bag. Those floral fruity infusions. (I miss my free flow of Tazo from the I-House now.)

I look forward to class every single day. No kidding. I even wake up at 7am just to go for the 830am class. (Super psyched) The movements that we do during practice are small, minute and repetitive. They make your muscle quiver with fatigue. And I love it. It is such a good pain. Now I sound super strange and weird. Okay.

I definitely don’t think anyone should substitute their regular strength training for this, but, you know, this really kicks some ass when you need a kick in your routine. I’ve been going almost everyday and I don’t intend to skip a day of it. I am serious. It is so addictive. This is made possible because of a lucky Groupon find. It’s super expensive otherwise. So when the Groupon expires, I have to find other ways to bring this back in my life again. Many studios have these special discounts for new clients, which are amazing. There are so many different studios which have different emphases on their practice and I really want to experience every single one. I feel like I should have started this earlier in the year.

For now, I will just continue maintaining my neutral spine and going up an inch, down an inch.

❤ Su.



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