Love/Hate Relationship: Online Shopping

Oh, world wide web. How convenient you make spending money to be! Who doesn’t love shopping online? I don’t have to sift through all the ugly clothing on racks to find the perfect one, I don’t have to dig in piles of messy clothing, there is a model on the screen telling me how the outfit looks like if I had her proportions, no queuing for the changing rooms, no queueing for checkout. All I do is sit on my lazy ass and click-size, click-add to cart, click-checkout. And it’s virtual money too right? If only.

You know, I’m beginning to learn how to control my shopping. But damn, everything is made so easy! Within 2 minutes of typing that sentence I bought something again on Amazon. Kill me now. It doesn’t help that the H&M sale stock got updated too! (Hey, I was just casually browsing their site…….) Also, there is a 48-hour sale for A&F and Hollister. I will not shop at F21. I will not. I will not. 

That’s it. After today, no more shopping for me. Oops, totally forgot about Independence Day sales. I give up. The big headache is bringing all these stuff back to Singapore. That’s another problem for another day?



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