Cook-off round 2!

One week has past and this time we have more participants than ever! New participants Ang Hui and Joyce in LA, Hweeping in Hayward and May and Nitya in Sunnyvale have joined us. Oh yes, I have to announce the winner of cook-off #1! Xiuhan and I won the previous round hahaha. But okay, I really think that it was an unfair win because the photo I took was awful. Thanks to all who voted! We will strive to be better and be deserving of votes in the future. Thank you E for voting so many times, I have a very enthusiastic supporter there. Let’s just cut to the chase. (I’m beginning to think this is more a photography contest than anything, but do have fun polling.)

#1. Union City Sparkles with three dishes.wpid-img-20140604-wa0008.jpg



Photos by Iris.

For everyone who doesn’t know, this team has their own blog now! I linked it up above where their team name is.

#2: Texan Mash with a meal for days

wpid-img-20140604-wa0011.jpg wpid-img-20140604-wa0014.jpg wpid-img-20140604-wa0013.jpg wpid-img-20140604-wa0012.jpg

Photos by Sheila

They just keep getting more and more! I feel full already.

#3: LA ladles with a ten-course meal.

wpid-img-20140604-wa0015.jpg wpid-img-20140604-wa0016.jpg wpid-img-20140604-wa0017.jpg wpid-img-20140604-wa0018.jpg wpid-img-20140604-wa0019.jpg

Photos by Ang Hui.

#4: Sunnyvale Spoons with awesome garnishing.

wpid-img-20140604-wa0025.jpg wpid-img-20140604-wa0024.jpg

Photos by Nitya.

Feels like home just looking at all these food, and I am starting to feel hungry.

#5: Hayward Hotplate with Mee Pok Dry.


Photo by Hwee Ping.

#6: Xiuhan/Su: San Francisco Souffles with Rainbow Plate.

wpid-cymera_20140605_213726.jpgGuess what! We upgraded our camera, instead of using the sad one on my ancient phone, we used Xiuhan’s camera, and it turned out way better. Which gives me reason to consider getting a new phone…………

On a side note, I LOVE the corn here. OMG It is the best damn corn I have ever eaten. I am totally serious. It is perfectly crunchy with the right balance of juice and sweetness. I swear we eat it plain and I get so much happiness sinking my teeth into its divine crunchiness. SLURP.

Go forth and poll my friends. Tell us what we should cook too. I love suggestions, because that means I don’t really have to think of what to cook.


❤ Chef Su!



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