Soon-to-be Reformed Couch Potato

So, in the past two to three weeks (maybe four? heh) I have adopted a new lifestyle: a sedentary lifestyle. Aww yeah. Actually, I can’t pretend to enjoy it. I hate it. I mean I have a true love-hate relationship with it. I love that I get to not pant and breathe as and when I feel like. I love that I don’t have to break a sweat and have to do my laundry so frequently. I love telling myself that I’d start working out the next day but I hate that I never adhere to that. I hate that I feel numb and flabby with inactivity. The guilt that comes with being a couch potato is so damaging. And yet, the procrastinator in me will be completely fine with just another lazy day. But all that is going to change. I believe 3 weeks is too long a period to be a bum. So, earlier this week I started with my very first aerial fitness class. Whoots! Okay, we haven’t done any thing aerial to begin with, and I hope to continually update with more sessions. But for now we’re just doing more conditioning exercises to prepare us for the aerial stuff. (Excites!)


This is where class happens. It’s just an amazing space for performers to practise and I always see inspirational dancers and performers. I don’t have any photos of what’s inside because I found it intrusive to be taking photos of people training…in spandex. wpid-cymera_20140604_195356.jpg

The walk to class from the workplace is, according to Google, 37 minutes long, but it’s still more efficient than the Muni. Honestly. Plus I really like what I see when I walk along Ocean Avenue. I know, I’m thinking about that song too.


If there were a stable of unicorns in the lawn it would be perfect.

Now, I read that exercise releases hormones that make you cheerful and you know what, after today’s and Monday’s sessions, I feel like 2 weeks worth of endorphins just burst out of me. I feel so happy. (Side note, someone on the street told me I was ‘hella pretty’, so that could be it too, although my hood covered half of my face…so maybe he was saying that my pink windbreaker was pretty? Couldn’t hear him properly with music on, but I’ll believe whatever I want. Thanks.) And at the end of the day, that’s good enough reason to get off my couch potato butt and start working out.

The cook-off is tomorrow!



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