First Cook-off!

Greetings and welcome to our first cook-off of the season. (I’m not sure what season, but it just sounds like it’s an apt word.) So, this year has been the longest period of time I have spent away from home. The two semesters have past, and we (very lucky/unlucky students) have been fed at the I-House in Cal. So that meant that there was always excess food for us during meal times. And also explains the weight gain. But I digress.

These ten weeks, we are out of the I-House and into the wild, the culinary kind of wild. We have been scattered all around the USA, without people to cook for us any more. So this cook-off has been organized to check out what we are eating each week, and to map the progress of our (actually, just my) lacking culinary skills.

The participants are: Alex/Iris/Jianyi in Union City, CA, Cuixia in Atlanta, GA, Sheila/Mugi/Hilary/Aaron in San Antonio, TX, and Xiuhan/yours truly in San Francisco, CA.

Union City Sparkles with Maggi Goreng and Stir-fried pork and green peppers
Photos by Iris

Muah Chee’s Atlanta Kitchen
Photo by Cuixia

Texan MASH
Photos by Sheila


ABC soup by Xiuhan and I (hahaha)


Okay, my photo looks gross compared to the rest. But I choose to believe it is an issue of having a bad camera in my very ancient phone + bad lighting. It just means that I have a lot of room for improvement I guess.

So it wouldn’t be a cook-off if there wasn’t some sort of winner. I’d like to organize a poll so you can vote for your favourite photo (?) (haha indulge me).

Good day and happy polling,

Chef Su (:D)


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